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Order of bot interwiki[bewurkje]

I didn't put that as clearly as I could have, apparently. Let me give you the example of: Portugän.
Added were, in this order:

which is correct.
However, the report says:

  • (Bot - derby: ca, en, es, gl, hu, hy, io, it, lt, pl, pt, ro, ru, tr, vo, yi)

which is not the same order. Aliter 22 mai 2008, 20.02 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Hmmm, I'm afraid the interwiki order in the message is not language dependent. To modify that behaviour, quite some remodelling would be needed and I'm not even sure that change would please everyone. I'm not habilitated to do such a change. I would therefore recommend you to ask at Pywikipedia's bug tracker or #pywikipediabot IRC channel. I hope this helps, Malafaya 23 mai 2008, 10.56 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
P.S. What is the behaviour on Wikipedia? Is it the same order in the comment or is it sorted the correct way? Malafaya 23 mai 2008, 10.59 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

I thought I'd seen a bot do this correctly not too long ago, but the last 5000/30 didn't yield an example, so there's no bot to point you to. Sorting the report the same way as the interwiki I would expect to be a trivial change. However, past experiences with Wikipedia-related development suggest comments by a non-user will at best have a negative influence, so I won't pursue the matter further. OTOH, you solved our translation and sorting problems, at speed. We don't have any great honours to bestow upon our friends, but is there maybe a word that you would like to see treated in the Wikiwurdboek? Aliter 23 mai 2008, 21.11 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Aliter, as I'm not exactly a developer, I can stand any comments on development from users and non-users :). It definitely doesn't affect me because I'm only very loosely involved in it. The issue you address may even be trivial to solve but I'm not in good conditions to evaluate. What I can say is that most likely it goes beyond the scope of just the Frysian language and is likely to affect all languages. Usually these changes are not welcome to the devs as they're likely to get more opposition from other wiki users than support. But as it seems important to you and maybe you don't feel as comfortable to discuss it with the devs as I, I will try to point out that issue myself at #pywikipediabot and see what comes up.
It's been a pleasure to resolve the translation and sorting matters for you, especially at a time you seemed not to be getting proper attention from the techies. Those were trivial enhancements to the Pywikipedia which I could do easily. If in the future you have further issues or questions, feel free to address me and I will see what I can do to help.
As for a word in Wikiwurdboek, in order to make the pages I add more beautiful, maybe you could add Folapúk (which I believe corresponds to w:en:Volapük, in Frysian; BTW is it with capital letter?) and a couple translations in other languages. Thanks a lot, Malafaya 23 mai 2008, 23.52 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Yeah, I might not have been as direct about things if I hadn't known you were not one of the developers. Still, thanks for raising the issue for us. Yes, Folapúk is correct, and it's now treated on the Wikiwurdboek, giving a meaning, a number of translations, and a link to a stub article I added on the Wikipedy. Aliter 25 mai 2008, 00.03 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

I jumped into your bot discussion by accident as I happened to be browsing your Wikiwurdboek. But, hey, Aliter, I didn't take anything bad from what you have said previously, which didn't seem too direct in anyway. So, no harm, no foul Face-wink.svg. Yesterday night I logged into the pywikipediabot IRC channel and discussed the edit summary interwiki order with one of the developers (i.e., valhallasw). His opinion was that sorting the summary the same way as the page seems at least logical. With some help from him, I tried to implement the sorting dependent of wiki language. Unfortunately, I could not do it (my Python skills are scarce) but part of the work to accomplish it was done (the part done by valhallasw). As a result, I ended up creating this bug at SourceForge. Now, let's wait to see wait they do with it. At the moment, I don't have much time (moving out, new home) to spend studying the bot's code but if I get some time, I will try again that implementation myself. And, thank you very much for the word Face-smile.svg. My pages look neat now. Greetings! Malafaya 25 mai 2008, 00.40 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]


Currently, the Wiikiwurdboek doesn't have a system for distributing word information over other pages. While we wait for ISO 639-6 we also have no mechanism tp include dialects. So I declared both names for Iran as Portuguese, and anyone looking them up will then find a usage note on the description line, plus a synonym link to the other version. Aliter 9 sep 2008, 18.29 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

That will work too. Thanks, Malafaya 11 sep 2008, 12.27 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Babel templates[bewurkje]

The Babel templates of the Wikiwurdboek are generally copies of those of the Wikipedy. There they were built as a system in a way that closely mimicked the templates that were already there. So if they occur here, apparently that was how it was in times past on another wiki. But feel free to include include-only-s if you feel that that's an improvement. Aliter 13 apr 2010, 22.29 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Apart from the interwiki, everything concerning the Babel system is in a template. Aliter 30 apr 2010, 22.54 (UTC)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]