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Argyf[bewurkje seksje]

Earder oerlis is te finen yn it argyf fan dizze side.

Sealtersk opmaak[bewurkje seksje]

this I like this version. Very good, can youre bot do this? Sonne 17 mai 2008, 17.11 (UTC)

Sure can. Let's wait and see what The Almighty has to say on the matter. ;-) Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 17 mai 2008, 18.28 (UTC))
I'd say that anyone who would like to be called "The Almighty" has too big an ego.
Pick one: Would you prefer "fearless leader," "Apotheosis," "the Avatar," or simply "God"? (I'm in a mood today... ;-) ) Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 18 mai 2008, 13.42 (UTC))
Regarding the other Frisian languages: I too like the style Winter designed for them, though it might not be equally effective in some of the other skins. I don't think we need to tell the reader on each page that Sealtersk is an "(Oare Fryske taal)", though. I've done four tests here, first just without the extra text, then with a single block, then with the block inside the translation section, and finally with just translation entries in the block.
I have no strong preference at this time on format. As a preliminary matter, I take it that some sort of special treatment is generally regarded as a good idea though? Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 18 mai 2008, 13.42 (UTC))
Ik soe sizze dat ien dy't graach "De Almachtige" neamd wurdt in te grut ego hat.
Wat de oare Fryske talen oanbelanget: Ik mei ek wol oer de styl dy't Winter derfoar betocht hat, hoewol it net by elts wiki-oansjen like doelmjittich wêze sil. Ik leau lykwols net dat de lêzer op alle siden ferlet hat fan de útlis dat Sealtersk in "(Oare Fryske taal)" is. Ik haw hjir fjouwer proefsiden makke, earst mei sûnder de ekstra tekst, dan mei ien blok, dan mei it blok yn de seksje mei oersettings, en de lêste mei allinnich oersettingsyngongen yn it blok. Aliter 17 mai 2008, 20.58 (UTC)
Ik haw, no, gjin grutte foarkar oan de formaat. Der is in oerienstimming oer in besûnder seksje, of foardrachten, of presintaasje, wat soarte, fan de oere Fryske talen? Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 18 mai 2008, 13.42 (UTC))
Me, I don't mind them being a bit special, but not overly so. My fourth example, as styled translation entries, works for me.
Ik haw der sels gjin probleem mei at hja wat bysûnder behannele wurde, mar leaver net te folle. Myn fjirde foarbyld, as oersettingsyngongen mei styl, dat is my genôch. Aliter 18 mai 2008, 20.12 (UTC)
("Pick one", he says. It's not that easy, you know. Well ... I think "Aliter" might be a nice one. Aliter) (Aw, that's no fun at all. :-) ) Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 19 mai 2008, 10.13 (UTC))

Wikiwurdboek Taalsiden[bewurkje seksje]

Just a thought...

So, Aliter, you like these, huh? I find them ever so slightly annoying myself. The wordlist category is right at the bottom of the page if somebody wants it. The wikipedia site is linked in the article--which is seems to me is where most anyone would want to start, short definition and then progress to long. But maybe it's just me.

Ik mei eins net sa oer de taalsiden. De wurdlist is gau beskikber ûnder it wurd. Ik tink dat in brûker mar better direkt nei it wiktionary artikel gean kin. Sûnder it ekstra klik. Mar ik wit net...

Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 19 mai 2008, 10.13 (UTC))

Dy wurdlist is net altiten fluch beskikber. Sjoch nei in side as ja. Foar Amuzgo, dy wurdlist is fier fuort. En yn dit gefal binne der gjin oare rubriken as taallisten, mar is freget sa dochs al tiid om de goede te finen. Mar: Nee, taalsiden binne net ideaal. Faaks koenen hja op de rubryksiden opnaam wurde?
That word list is not always easily available: Look at a page as ja. For Amuzgo, that word list is quite a way off. And in this case there are no other categories, just language lists, yet it still takes time to pick the right one. But: No, language pages are not ideal. Maybe they could be included on the category pages? Aliter 20 mai 2008, 20.38 (UTC)

Convention for flagging offensive words?[bewurkje seksje]

My paper dictionaries, particularly foreign language dictionaries, use a standard convention to alert a user that a word or phrase is potentially offensive. Several use the abbreviation "col" for colloquial, followed by some number of exclamation points.

I'll give some examples here. Since, for obvious reasons, some might not be familiar with the English words, I'll make a guess at Dutch versions. I don't know any of these words in Frysk. For instance, my German dictionary marks "arse" (German Arsch, not sure about Dutch, maybe corresponds to "kont") as col! (potentially offensive) and "fuck" (Dutch "neuken" maybe) as col!! (highly offensive). With better granularity, one might mark some words that aren't marked at all in my dictionaries, say, "bitch" ([1] as a verb meaning complain, and [2] as a noun: [a] a derogatory term, particularly for a woman who complains and nags, is mean-spirited, or makes life generally unpleasant, or [b] a subservient (sexual connotation generally) man or woman--can be used as an analogy "made him my bitch" as a synonym for "I totally bested him.") as col!, arse as col!! and fuck as col!!!. (Not "col" exactly of course, since I assume that's not a valid Frysk word.)

I assume others think such a convention would be a good idea? I'm not sure how/if other sites do it, but I can poke around if you want. Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 20 mai 2008, 12.29 (UTC))

On reread, that's too dense to make a lot of sense. Trying again, the short version, what do you think of having templates something like col! col!! (and maybe also col!!!) that insert some sort of standard warning into an Opmerkings section, alerting the reader that the word is potentially offensive? Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 20 mai 2008, 17.17 (UTC))

Probably, try a few pages to see if we're missing something. For one thing, it shouldn't blanket the entire word, as a word could be derogatory in only one usage: "bitch - female dog" is acceptable.

Aliter 24 mai 2008, 00.00 (UTC)

Argyf of Skiednis[bewurkje seksje]

Dizze side wurdt te lang. Meitsje wy in argyf fan de side, dat âldere diskusjes streekrjocht tagonklik bliuwe? As litte wy dy allinnich yn de skiednis fuortbestean, dat it minder plak ynnimt? Aliter 21 mai 2008, 23.26 (UTC)

There is now also one of those cute little "add section" plus signs (+) with the tabbies at the top. Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 23 mai 2008, 13.20 (UTC))

Bisten en Planten redux[bewurkje seksje]

Aliter, please give me a credible citation for all that stuff you're on about here. A reference on Dutch will do of course; it doesn't have to be Frysk per se which I imagine is harder to find. I'd like to write this up for posting on other projects, but I can't verify the existence of any such rule (nothing beyond the normal "encyclopaedia convention" common to all western languages anyway) and they'll require me to. Thanks. Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 23 mai 2008, 13.18 (UTC))

Never mind. Oops, I had totally missed the bit about no Frisian rule dictating the capital letter treatment. If it's not a standard language rule, we should not do anything like that a dictionary of course. Sorry I obviously blew something way out of proportion! Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 23 mai 2008, 17.51 (UTC))

"though ... it actually makes sense based on the existing rules." There's a very solid rule in Frisian that in anything serving as a name each word gets a capital, and that all other words merely get a capital at the start of a sentence. What does not have a set rule is whether the description of a species can in one instance be a name and in another instance be something else. But both forms with and without Capital are used, so the alternative would be to declare them complete synonims and duplicate the pages. I'll see whether the Fryske Akademy has an opinion on this. Aliter 24 mai 2008, 00.00 (UTC)
I've had the time to think through your proposal regarding Latin names, and I see a rather unwanted consequence. If we declare the Latin names to be native, that means each such page gets an entry for every single language, each stating that its meaning is the same Frisian name.
Ik haw de tiid hân en tink jo útstel oer Latynske nammen troch, en ik sjoch in gefolch dat wy eins net hawwe wolle. At wy de Latynske nammen eigen ferklearje, dan betsjut dat dat sa'n side yngongen krijt foar alle talen, dy't allegear oanjouwe dat de betsjutting deselde Fryske namme is. Aliter 24 mai 2008, 00.00 (UTC)
Kin men net ien titel gelyk oan "yntertaal" (translingual) brûke? Lykas foar ôfkoartings foar gemyske eleminten of ôfmjitten? Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 25 mai 2008, 04.00 (UTC))
Ja, mar wat is dan noch it foardiel boppe de Latynske nammen as Latynsk te hawwen? Aliter 25 mai 2008, 22.32 (UTC)

Bots en oersettings[bewurkje seksje]

If somebody will translate this line from Wynterfrysk to real Frysk, I'll have it committed to the code.

  • English = Robot: Cosmetic changes
  • Wynterfrysk = Bot: Skoanmeitsjende feroarings

Also, I'd like to thank our White Knight Malafaya once again for helping us. I'm not sure some of you were aware that Malafaya had absolutely nothing to do with the bots and our problems, but came in completely out of nowhere to help us. (Or maybe you did know. I wouldn't have taken quite the same tone with a pure Good Samaritan in my own messages, but perhaps that's just your way.)

Thanks. Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 23 mai 2008, 13.31 (UTC))

In theory, that would be "kosmetyske feroarings", but I don't think I've ever seen the wurd used. A better translation might be possible with more context. As a bot should always be made to tell what it does, I'm not quite sure when it's going to say this.
Yn teory soe "Cosmetic changes" ferfryske wurde kinne as "kosmetyske feroarings", mar ik leau net dat ik dat ea sjoen haw. In bettere oersetting wie faaks mûglik mei mear ferbân. Om't in bot altiten sa ynsteld wurde moat dat er oanjout wat at er docht, bin ik der net wis fan hoenear at er dit sizze moat. Aliter 24 mai 2008, 21.59 (UTC)
Ja, ik haw "kosmetysk" earste tocht; mar mei google haw ik net sjoen. (Der is Cosmetica; ik haw wat fan Doutzen Kroes lêzen...) Cosmetic_changes.py is de bot dat ik haw brûkt mei oanfraach, om de ynterwiki keppelings ynoarder te meitsjen. It programma makket ek lytse feroarings, spaasjes, ensfh. The code comments say (paraphrased, but close): Can do slight modifications to a wiki page source code such that the code looks cleaner ... not intended to change the visual appearance of the page. (Mar, de grûn foar de died, de folchoarder fan de "oare talen" keppelings--dat liket sichtber, sa't ik it sjoch. *shrug*) Is dat genôch ferbân, of noch net dúdlik? Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 25 mai 2008, 03.50 (UTC))
De interwiki.py oarderet de ynterwiki ferkeard, mar cosmetic_changes.py koe yndie brûkt wurde om it wer ynoarder te meitsjen. No, letterlik wie it:
     msg_standalone = { 'fy': u'Bot: Kosmetyske feroarings',}
     msg_append =     { 'fy': u'; kosmetyske feroarings',}
Foar msg_append, at der mear stiet, nimt dat al in protte romte. Eat as
     msg_append =     { 'fy': u'; tekstopmaak',}
wie dan koarter.

Aliter 25 mai 2008, 22.32 (UTC)

Botter[bewurkje seksje]

I freegje tastimming om Botter rinne te litten op it Wikiwurdboek, at it sa útkomt. Net ien fernimt der fierders wat fan; it nimt allinnich wat tsjinnertiid om in rige siden troch te jaan oan myn kompjûter. Mar ik haw it doe de tiid frege op de Wikipedy, dat ik freegje it hjir ek. Aliter 25 mai 2008, 22.32 (UTC)

Natuerlik mei dat. Hoe mear bots hjirre hoe better. Makket jo bot ek nije siden? Sonne 26 mai 2008, 04.45 (UTC)

Dat hie der efkes by moatten: User:Botter. Aliter 26 mai 2008, 22.11 (UTC)

A.j.w. sjoch de merry-go-round. (Der binne hjir gjin rjochtenútfurders. Dus men kin it lokaal net dwaan.) Snakesteuben 30 aug 2008, 09.10 (UTC)
Note for stewards: No objections were made. (The contributor who commented basically says, I think: Sure it may. The more bots the better.) Snakesteuben 30 aug 2008, 09.10 (UTC)

(Ja, dy oersetting is goed. Aliter)

I didn't actually request Bot status here, as that's only an issue with Bots that make a lot of edits. Currently Botter doesn't normally make any edits; the permission I asked for was just to be allowed to run it. After all, for all its digital reality, the wiki is still a human habitat, so it's not self-evident that automatons are welcome there. But if it's granted, it would be an incentive to develop the editor function.
(Snakesteuben: hat bot-status oanfrege foar Botter.) Dit wie eins net in oafraach foar bot-status, om't dat allinnich fan belang is foar bots dy't in protte oanpassings dogge. Sa't it no is docht Botter ornaris gjin oanpassings; de tastimming dy't ik frege wie allinnich om tastimming om him rinne te litten. Perslot, in wiki mei dan in digitale werklikens wêze, mar it is dochs it libbensgebiet fan minsken, da't it sprekt net fansels dat automaten dêr wolkom binne. Mar at it tawiisd wurdt, dan is dat fansels al in reden om in oanpassings-funksje ta te foegjen. Aliter 30 aug 2008, 20.50 (UTC)

Re Bot status [is] only an issue with Bots that make a lot of edits.
Aliter, I'm not sure I agree. Even if edit volume isn't great enough to swamp the recent changes list, isn't it useful knowing which edits were made by automated processes? I hope we get more activity and contributors here one day, so patrolling features and whatnot become relevant. (But, no, I didn't realise that under its current config, it normally made no edits.)
Still, I'm glad I inavertently provided incentive for You to develop an editing function--something obviously good for the project. :-) Snakesteuben 2 sep 2008, 20.00 (UTC)

I'm sure you do agree. After all, I asked permission for Botter to run, and it's called "Bot"-ter, for exactly that reason: That people are aware there's a bot active. The disadvantege of Bot Status is that by default the actions of the Bot are filtered out, which means peope don't nornally know what edits are made by such bots, or even that any edits were made. This only makes sense if it's outweighed by the advantage of not flooding the Recent Changes list. Hence, bot status is only an issue with Bots that make a lot of edits. Aliter 2 sep 2008, 20.59 (UTC)

(Wiisbegear oer it bot-wêzen. Aliter 2 sep 2008, 20.59 (UTC))

Fan Wiktionary:Bots

Botoanfragen[bewurkje seksje]

User:SpaceBirdyBot[bewurkje seksje]

Hello, I am running my Bot User:SpaceBirdyBot as interwikibot on is.wikt (and de,es,pt,ga,af,fo,nah,scn,nl,sv,ro) lately because not all links are catched by the current active bots there. If You are interested I can set my bot to run here also.

I am using SVN pywikipedia (latest) and run it using

interwiki.py -wiktionary -autonomous -force -noauto -nobacklink -noshownew -neverlink:fur,ilo,nov,sco
  • Botmaster: is:Notandi:Spacebirdy
  • Bot's name:User:SpaceBirdyBot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionarys:af,co,ca,oc,da,de,el,es,it,is,pt,ga,gd,af,fo,nah,scn,nl,sv,ro,yi,zh-min-nan,...
  • Purpose:interwiki
  • Technical details:svn pywikipediabot, latest versions

Best regards, --fûgel (:> )=| 18 jun 2008, 21.01 (UTC)

Done from Meta.--Jusjih 29 jun 2008, 21.03 (UTC)

Meidogger:VolkovBot[bewurkje seksje]

I request botstatus for meidogger VolkovBot too, he is operated by w:ru:User:Volkov and running on many wiktionaries and wikipediae. He uses pywikipedia too afaik, also svn, latest versions.

Best regards, --fûgel (:> )=| 18 jun 2008, 21.04 (UTC)

I support the request for VolkovBot. It is the best and most experienced interwiktionary bot around. Carsrac 19 jun 2008, 20.15 (UTC)

I oppose the request for VolkovBot. The operator doesn't communicate. The fact that it isn't him requesting bot status is an example.
Ik bin der op tsjin dat WolkovBot op it stuit botstatus krijt. De bestjoerder kommunisearret net. Dat er net sels botstatus oanfreget is in foarbyld. Aliter 12 aug 2008, 03.40 (UTC)

Request for botflag for Meidogger:CarsracBot[bewurkje seksje]

I think there is room for other interwiki bot's. Vooral één gecontroleerd door iemand welke redelijk het nederlands machtig is en fries kan lezen. Carsrac 19 jun 2008, 20.15 (UTC)

Is dit al as net in oanfraach foar botstatus? Aliter 13 aug 2008, 02.50 (UTC)

Bot policy[bewurkje seksje]

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. This will involve creating a redirect to this page from Project:Bot policy, and adding a line at the top noting that it is used here. In particular, this policy allows automatic acceptance of known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests.

Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; it will be implemented in one week if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. Carsrac 20 jun 2008, 06.54 (UTC)

Done. Pathoschild
Ik bin der op tsjin. It is makliker om op alle Frysktalige projekten deselde regels oan te hâlden. En at it simmer is yn Fryslân hälde wy ek wat langere terminen oan, om't net eltsenien altiten oanwêzich is.
En graach krekt as by de Fryske Wikipedy it oerlis op dizze oerlisside, net op de Wikiwurdboeksiden. Aliter 12 aug 2008, 03.40 (UTC)
Ik tink: Aliter, graach feroarje as Jo wolle (as Jo net al sa dien hawwe). Alles goed. (Hjir en ek WB, as Jo wolle.)
Dien. Aliter 2 sep 2008, 20.59 (UTC)
En in oare fraach, oer globale bots: [1] No hawwe wij opt-in status. (Se automatysk hawwe botstatus-flagge.) Is dit okee, of miskien net? Persoanlik fine ik goed sa. Sa kinne wij de wizigings fan bots altyd filtere, lykas RobotGMwikt, dy't folle romte ynnimt op koartlyn feroare.
Snakesteuben 2 sep 2008, 19.32 (UTC)
Neffens de Fryske botpolityk moat eltse bot him altiten earst sjen litte, en moat der botstatus oanfrege wurde. Dat is fansels in gefal fan mjitte. Us wiki's binne te lyts om wurk te dwaan foar bots, dat de lju dy't wier fine dat der mear bots by moatte sille it wurk dwaan moatte.
According to the Frisian bot policy every bot should always be demonstrated first, and botstatus has to be requested. That's, of course, a scale issue. Our wiki's are too small to put in effort for the bots, so those who truly feel that more bots are needed here will have to make the effort themselves. Aliter 2 sep 2008, 20.59 (UTC)

Siden wiskje[bewurkje seksje]

Wy hawwe der noch gjin systeem foar, leau'k, mar

  • syket en sykest binne oerstallich. Aliter 13 aug 2008, 02.50 (UTC)
  • rûnnen - ferfongen troch krekte stavering Aliter 16 aug 2008, 00.34 (UTC)
  • socke - ferfongen troch ferzje mei haadletter. Aliter 30 aug 2008, 00.36 (UTC)
Dien. Snakesteuben 30 aug 2008, 08.50 (UTC)

Tank Aliter 30 aug 2008, 20.50 (UTC)

Behearder[bewurkje seksje]

Ik tink... dat Jo behearder-status hawwe soenen. Jo binne yntelliginter as ik. :-) Mar ik (persoanlik) sil gjin wurk foar Jo meitsje! Mar dat is ek better (wer tink ik), eins om lyts húswurk (as Jo sizze "keep [things] tidy") te meitsjen, en mooglik, lytse flaters te reparearjen--sa't it Jo it bêste past. Mei ik a.j.w. nei de "merry-go-round" gean, om dizze oanfraach te meitsjen? Tanke, Snakesteuben 30 aug 2008, 08.50 (UTC)

It liket der op dat eltsenien fynt dat ik behearder wurde moat. Thogo hie dat ek al útsteld. Goed, freechje dan mar at dat regele wurde kin. Mar dan faaks net op dy side: De titel treft wol, mar it is neffens my allinnich foar Meta. Ik leau dat oanfragen foar funksjes op oare wiki's by de prachtige titel "m:RfP" wêze moatte.
It seems everybody agrees that I should become an admin. Thogo proposed the same thing, a few days ago. Alright, go ahead and ask whether it can be arranged. But maybe not on that page: The title is appropriate, but I think it's only intended for Meta. I'd say that request for functions on other wikis should go under the wonderful title of "m:RfP". Aliter 30 aug 2008, 20.50 (UTC)
Yes, Meta:Requests for adminship is for to become a Meta sysop. Other requests are handled on RfP. Hi Snakesteuben btw. ;) Best regards, --Thogo 30 aug 2008, 21.07 (UTC)
Tank. Aliter 6 sep 2008, 01.17 (UTC)

Javascript[bewurkje seksje]

Ik haw foar no yn MediaWiki:Common.js en MediaWiki:Monobook.js de Citations útskeakele en noch wat spul dat wy neffens my net hawwe.

  • Is der immen dy't in reden hat om it wer ta te foegjen?
  • Is der immen dy't wit hokfoar saken wy noch mear net brûke?

Aliter 8 sep 2008, 18.52 (UTC)

Spitich. Myn flater. Tank foar Jo korreksjes. Wer, sa't ik it sjok, dit is Jo side. As Jo wolle, sa alles wurde moatte soenen. Earnstich. Snakesteuben 10 okt 2008, 10.24 (UTC)

Taalkoade for wittenskiplike termen[bewurkje seksje]

Ik haw de ISO 639-2 minsken frege at dy in standertoplossing wisten foar wittenskiplike nammen út de biology, ôfkoartings foar skiekundige elimnten en datsoarte. Dat wisten hja lykwols ek net, dat wy moatte it sels betinke. In q-koade dan mar?
I asked the ISO 639-2 people whether they knew a standard solution for scientific names from biology, abbreviations from chemistry and that sort of stuff. They didn't know one, though, so we'll have to come up with something ourselves. A q-code, maybe? Aliter 27 okt 2008, 01.50 (UTC)

Wikimania Scholarships[bewurkje seksje]

The call for applications for Wikimania Scholarships to attend Wikimania 2010 in Gdansk, Poland (July 9-11) is now open. The Wikimedia Foundation offers Scholarships to pay for selected individuals' round trip travel, accommodations, and registration at the conference. To apply, visit the Wikimania 2010 scholarships information page, click the secure link available there, and fill out the form to apply. For additional information, please visit the Scholarships information and FAQ pages:

Yours very truly, Cary Bass
Volunteer Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation

Oersettings[bewurkje seksje]

In anonym hat in tal idioomoersettings tafoegd. Dy haw ik wer fuorthelle, om't hja hast allegear ferkeard wienen, en om't de opmaak poermin wie. Is dit te dwaan, en as dat sa is, hoe moat de opmaak dan wêze? Aliter 15 sep 2010, 22.47 (UTC)

Call for image filter referendum[bewurkje seksje]

The Wikimedia Foundation, at the direction of the Board of Trustees, will be holding a vote to determine whether members of the community support the creation and usage of an opt-in personal image filter, which would allow readers to voluntarily screen particular types of images strictly for their own account.

Further details and educational materials will be available shortly. The referendum is scheduled for 12-27 August, 2011, and will be conducted on servers hosted by a neutral third party. Referendum details, officials, voting requirements, and supporting materials will be posted at Meta:Image filter referendum shortly.

Sorry for delivering you a message in English. Please help translate the pages on the referendum on Meta and join the translators mailing list.

For the coordinating committee,
Philippe (WMF)
Robert Harris

Terms of Use update[bewurkje seksje]

I apologize that you are receiving this message in English. Please help translate it.


The Wikimedia Foundation is discussing changes to its Terms of Use. The discussion can be found at Talk:Terms of use. Everyone is invited to join in. Because the new version of Terms of use is not in final form, we are not able to present official translations of it. Volunteers are welcome to translate it, as German volunteers have done at m:Terms of use/de, but we ask that you note at the top that the translation is unofficial and may become outdated as the English version is changed. The translation request can be found at m:Translation requests/WMF/Terms of Use 2 -- Maggie Dennis, Community Liaison 27 okt 2011, 00.47 (UTC)

Open Call for 2012 Wikimedia Fellowship Applicants[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

I apologize that you are receiving this message in English. Please help translate it.

  • Do you want to help attract new contributors to Wikimedia projects?
  • Do you want to improve retention of our existing editors?
  • Do you want to strengthen our community by diversifying its base and increasing the overall number of excellent participants around the world?

The Wikimedia Foundation is seeking Community Fellows and project ideas for the Community Fellowship Program. A Fellowship is a temporary position at the Wikimedia Foundation in order to work on a specific project or set of projects. Submissions for 2012 are encouraged to focus on the theme of improving editor retention and increasing participation in Wikimedia projects. If interested, please submit a project idea or apply to be a fellow by January 15, 2012. Please visit https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Fellowships for more information.


--Siko Bouterse, Head of Community Fellowships, Wikimedia Foundation 21 des 2011, 13.00 (UTC)

Distributed via Global message delivery. (Wrong page? Fix here.)

Announcing Wikipedia 1.19 beta[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation is getting ready to push out 1.19 to all the WMF-hosted wikis. As we finish wrapping up our code review, you can test the new version right now on beta.wmflabs.org. For more information, please read the release notes or the start of the final announcement.

The following are the areas that you will probably be most interested in:

  • Faster loading of javascript files makes dependency tracking more important.
  • New common*.css files usable by skins instead of having to copy piles of generic styles from MonoBook or Vector's css.
  • The default user signature now contains a talk link in addition to the user link.
  • Searching blocked usernames in block log is now clearer.
  • Better timezone recognition in user preferences.
  • Improved diff readability for colorblind people.
  • The interwiki links table can now be accessed also when the interwiki cache is used (used in the API and the Interwiki extension).
  • More gender support (for instance in logs and user lists).
  • Language converter improved, e.g. it now works depending on the page content language.
  • Time and number-formatting magic words also now depend on the page content language.
  • Bidirectional support further improved after 1.18.

Report any problems on the labs beta wiki and we'll work to address them before they software is released to the production wikis.

Note that this cluster does have SUL but it is not integrated with SUL in production, so you'll need to create another account. You should avoid using the same password as you use here. — Global message delivery 15 jan 2012, 00.09 (UTC)

MediaWiki 1.19[bewurkje seksje]

(Apologies if this message isn't in your language.) The Wikimedia Foundation is planning to upgrade MediaWiki (the software powering this wiki) to its latest version this month. You can help to test it before it is enabled, to avoid disruption and breakage. More information is available in the full announcement. Thank you for your understanding.

Guillaume Paumier, via the Global message delivery system (wrong page? You can fix it.). 12 feb 2012, 15.00 (UTC)

Bot flag for GedawyBot[bewurkje seksje]

  • Bot  : GedawyBot
  • Operator  : M.Gedawy
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki & Fixing double redirects
  • Contributions  : see here
  • Already has bot flag on  : +170 wikis

I will make another request on meta. Thank you.--M.Gedawy 10 mrt 2012, 18.37 (UTC)

Update on IPv6[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

(Apologies if this message isn't in your language. Please consider translating it, as well as the full version of this announcement on Meta)

The Wikimedia Foundation is planning to do limited testing of IPv6 on June 2-3. If there are not too many problems, we may fully enable IPv6 on World IPv6 day (June 6), and keep it enabled.

What this means for your project:

  • At least on June 2-3, 2012, you may see a small number of edits from IPv6 addresses, which are in the form "2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334". See e.g. w:en:IPv6 address. These addresses should behave like any other IP address: You can leave messages on their talk pages; you can track their contributions; you can block them. (See the full version of this announcement for notes on range blocks.)
  • In the mid term, some user scripts and tools will need to be adapted for IPv6.
  • We suspect that IPv6 usage is going to be very low initially, meaning that abuse should be manageable, and we will assist in the monitoring of the situation.

Read the full version of this announcement on how to test the behavior of IPv6 with various tools and how to leave bug reports, and to find a fuller analysis of the implications of the IPv6 migration.

--Erik Möller, VP of Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation 2 jun 2012, 00.58 (UTC)

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2011 Picture of the Year competition[bewurkje seksje]

македонскиnorsk bokmålpolski

Dear Wikimedians,

Wikimedia Commons is happy to announce that the 2011 Picture of the Year competition is now open. We are interested in your opinion as to which images qualify to be the Picture of the Year 2011. Any user registered at Commons or a Wikimedia wiki SUL-related to Commons with more than 75 edits before 1 April 2012 (UTC) is welcome to vote and, of course everyone is welcome to view!

Detailed information about the contest can be found at the introductory page.

About 600 of the best of Wikimedia Common's photos, animations, movies and graphics were chosen –by the international Wikimedia Commons community– out of 12 million files during 2011 and are now called Featured Pictures.

From professional animal and plant shots to breathtaking panoramas and skylines, restorations of historically relevant images, images portraying the world's best architecture, maps, emblems, diagrams created with the most modern technology, and impressive human portraits, Commons Features Pictures of all flavors.

For your convenience, we have sorted the images into topic categories.

We regret that you receive this message in English; we intended to use banners to notify you in your native language but there was both, human and technical resistance.

See you on Commons! --Picture of the Year 2011 Committee 5 jun 2012, 18.17 (UTC)

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Mobile view as default view coming soon[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

(Apologies if this message isn't in your language. Please consider translating it, as well as the instructions on Meta)

The mobile view of this project and others will soon become the default view on mobile devices (except tablets). Some language versions of these projects currently show no content on the mobile home page, and it is a good time to do a little formatting so users get a mobile-friendly view, or to add to existing mobile content if some already exists.

If you are an administrator, please consider helping with this change. There are instructions which are being translated. The proposed date of switching the default view is June 21.

To contact the mobile team, email mobile-feedback-lAt sign.svglists.wikimedia.org.

--Phil Inje Chang, Product Manager, Mobile, Wikimedia Foundation 16 jun 2012, 08.29 (UTC)

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Help decide about more than $10 million of Wikimedia donations in the coming year[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

(Apologies if this message isn't in your language. Please consider translating it)


As many of you are aware, the Wikimedia Board of Trustees recently initiated important changes in the way that money is being distributed within the Wikimedia movement. As part of this, a new community-led "Funds Dissemination Committee" (FDC) is currently being set up. Already in 2012-13, its recommendations will guide the decisions about the distribution of over 10 million US dollars among the Foundation, chapters and other eligible entities.

Now, seven capable, knowledgeable and trustworthy community members are sought to volunteer on the initial Funds Dissemination Committee. It is expected to take up its work in September. In addition, a community member is sought to be the Ombudsperson for the FDC process. If you are interested in joining the committee, read the call for volunteers. Nominations are planned to close on August 15.

--Anasuya Sengupta, Director of Global Learning and Grantmaking, Wikimedia Foundation 19 jul 2012, 20.04 (UTC)

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Request for Comment: Legal Fees Assistance Program[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

I apologize for addressing you in English. I would be grateful if you could translate this message into your language.

The Wikimedia Foundation is conducting a request for comment on a proposed program that could provide legal assistance to users in specific support roles who are named in a legal complaint as a defendant because of those roles. We wanted to be sure that your community was aware of this discussion and would have a chance to participate in that discussion.

If this page is not the best place to publicize this request for comment, please help spread the word to those who may be interested in participating. (If you'd like to help translating the "request for comment", program policy or other pages into your language and don't know how the translation system works, please come by my user talk page at m:User talk:Mdennis (WMF). I'll be happy to assist or to connect you with a volunteer who can assist.)

Thank you! --Mdennis (WMF)6 sep 2012, 01.55 (UTC)

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Wikidata is getting close to a first roll-out[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

(Apologies if this message isn't in your language.)

As some of you might already have heard Wikimedia Deutschland is working on a new Wikimedia project. It is called m:Wikidata. The goal of Wikidata is to become a central data repository for the Wikipedias, its sister projects and the world. In the future it will hold data like the number of inhabitants of a country, the date of birth of a famous person or the length of a river. These can then be used in all Wikimedia projects and outside of them.

The project is divided into three phases and "we are getting close to roll-out the first phase". The phases are:

  1. language links in the Wikipedias (making it possible to store the links between the language editions of an article just once in Wikidata instead of in each linked article)
  2. infoboxes (making it possible to store the data that is currently in infoboxes in one central place and share the data)
  3. lists (making it possible to create lists and similar things based on queries to Wikidata so they update automatically when new data is added or modified)

It'd be great if you could join us, test the demo version, provide feedback and take part in the development of Wikidata. You can find all the relevant information including an FAQ and sign-up links for our on-wiki newsletter on the Wikidata page on Meta.

For further discussions please use this talk page (if you are uncomfortable writing in English you can also write in your native language there) or point me to the place where your discussion is happening so I can answer there.

--Lydia Pintscher 10 sep 2012, 13.18 (UTC)

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Upcoming software changes - please report any problems[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

(Apologies if this message isn't in your language. Please consider translating it)

All Wikimedia wikis - including this one - will soon be upgraded with new and possibly disruptive code. This process starts today and finishes on October 24 (see the upgrade schedule & code details).

Please watch for problems with:

  • revision diffs
  • templates
  • CSS and JavaScript pages (like user scripts)
  • bots
  • PDF export
  • images, video, and sound, especially scaling sizes
  • the CologneBlue skin

If you notice any problems, please report problems at our defect tracker site. You can test for possible problems at test2.wikipedia.org and mediawiki.org, which have already been updated.

Thanks! With your help we can find problems fast and get them fixed faster.

Sumana Harihareswara, Wikimedia Foundation Engineering Community Manager (talk) 16 okt 2012, 02.53 (UTC)

P.S.: For the regular, smaller MediaWiki updates every two weeks, please watch this schedule.

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Fundraising localization: volunteers from outside the USA needed[bewurkje seksje]

Please translate for your local community

Hello All,

The Wikimedia Foundation's Fundraising team have begun our 'User Experience' project, with the goal of understanding the donation experience in different countries outside the USA and enhancing the localization of our donation pages. I am searching for volunteers to spend 30 minutes on a Skype chat with me, reviewing their own country's donation pages. It will be done on a 'usability' format (I will ask you to read the text and go through the donation flow) and will be asking your feedback in the meanwhile.

The only pre-requisite is for the volunteer to actually live in the country and to have access to at least one donation method that we offer for that country (mainly credit/debit card, but also real-time banking like IDEAL, E-wallets, etc...) so we can do a live test and see if the donation goes through. All volunteers will be reimbursed of the donations that eventually succeed (and they will be low amounts, like 1-2 dollars)

By helping us you are actually helping thousands of people to support our mission of free knowledge across the world. Please sing up and help us with our 'User Experience' project! :) If you are interested (or know of anyone who could be) please email ppena@wikimedia.org. All countries needed (excepting USA)!

Pats Pena
Global Fundraising Operations Manager, Wikimedia Foundation

Sent using Global message delivery, 17 okt 2012, 16.59 (UTC)

[bewurkje seksje]

The official localisable Wiktionary logo

Hello! It was noted that Wiktionary in this language has not yet adopted a localised/translated logo: it's really a pity for a dictionary project!
We are trying to help Wiktionaries adopt a locally-adapted logo, by taking the technical difficulties on us. What we need from you is just the preferred translation of the name and motto, "Wiktionary" (if translated) and "The free dictionary": you can add them to the logo list, by editing it directly or commenting on the talk page; you can also add a note if you don't want the localised logo.
Of course, you can also create the logo and make the necessary requests on bugzilla yourself, if you prefer so.
Feel free to translate this message and to move/copy/forward it where appropriate; you can also reply on my talk. Thanks, Nemo 3 nov 2012, 15.32 (UTC)

Localise your wiki logo[bewurkje seksje]

The official localisable Wiktionary logo

Hello! It was noted that Wiktionary in this language has not yet adopted a localised/translated logo: it's really a pity for a dictionary project!
We are trying to help Wiktionaries adopt a locally-adapted logo, by taking the technical difficulties on us. What we need from you is just the preferred translation of the name and motto, "Wiktionary" (if translated) and "The free dictionary": you can add them to the logo list, by editing it directly or commenting on the talk page; you can also add a note if you don't want the localised logo.
Of course, you can also create the logo and make the necessary requests on bugzilla yourself, if you prefer so.
Feel free to translate this message and to move/copy/forward it where appropriate; you can also reply on my talk. Thanks, Nemo 3 nov 2012, 15.56 (UTC)

botflag request[bewurkje seksje]

  • Botmaster: de:user:Yoursmile
  • Bot's name:User:YS-Bot
  • List of bot flags on other Wiktionaries: list
  • Purpose: interwiki
  • Technical details: pywikipediabot, latest versions

Best regards --Yoursmile (talk) 19 nov 2012, 20.12 (UTC)

Be a Wikimedia fundraising "User Experience" volunteer![bewurkje seksje]

Thank you to everyone who volunteered last year on the Wikimedia fundraising 'User Experience' project. We have talked to many different people in different countries and their feedback has helped us immensely in restructuring our pages. If you haven't heard of it yet, the 'User Experience' project has the goal of understanding the donation experience in different countries (outside the USA) and enhancing the localization of our donation pages.

I am (still) searching for volunteers to spend some time on a Skype chat with me, reviewing their own country's donation pages. It will be done on a 'usability' format (I will ask you to read the text and go through the donation flow) and will be asking your feedback in the meanwhile.

The only pre-requisite is for the volunteer to actually live in the country and to have access to at least one donation method that we offer for that country (mainly credit/debit card, but also real time banking like IDEAL, E-wallets, etc...) so we can do a live test and see if the donation goes through. **All volunteers will be reimbursed of the donations that eventually succeed (and they will be very low amounts, like 1-2 dollars)**

By helping us you are actually helping thousands of people to support our mission of free knowledge across the world. If you are interested (or know of anyone who could be) please email ppena@wikimedia.org. All countries needed (excepting USA)!!


Pats Pena
Global Fundraising Operations Manager, Wikimedia Foundation

Sent using Global message delivery, 8 jan 2013, 20.53 (UTC)

Wikimedia sites to move to primary data center in Ashburn, Virginia. Read-only mode expected.[bewurkje seksje]

(Apologies if this message isn't in your language.) Next week, the Wikimedia Foundation will transition its main technical operations to a new data center in Ashburn, Virginia, USA. This is intended to improve the technical performance and reliability of all Wikimedia sites, including this wiki. There will be some times when the site will be in read-only mode, and there may be full outages; the current target windows for the migration are January 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2013, from 17:00 to 01:00 UTC (see other timezones on timeanddate.com). More information is available in the full announcement.

If you would like to stay informed of future technical upgrades, consider becoming a Tech ambassador and joining the ambassadors mailing list. You will be able to help your fellow Wikimedians have a voice in technical discussions and be notified of important decisions.

Thank you for your help and your understanding.

Guillaume Paumier, via the Global message delivery system (wrong page? You can fix it.). 19 jan 2013, 15.17 (UTC)

Help turn ideas into grants in the new IdeaLab[bewurkje seksje]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

I apologize if this message is not in your language. Please help translate it.

  • Do you have an idea for a project to improve this community or website?
  • Do you think you could complete your idea if only you had some funding?
  • Do you want to help other people turn their ideas into project plans or grant proposals?

Please join us in the IdeaLab, an incubator for project ideas and Individual Engagement Grant proposals.

The Wikimedia Foundation is seeking new ideas and proposals for Individual Engagement Grants. These grants fund individuals or small groups to complete projects that help improve this community. If interested, please submit a completed proposal by February 15, 2013. Please visit https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IEG for more information.

Thanks! --Siko Bouterse, Head of Individual Engagement Grants, Wikimedia Foundation 30 jan 2013, 20.24 (UTC)

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Convert complex templates to Lua to make them faster and more powerful[bewurkje seksje]

(Please consider translating this message for the benefit of your fellow Wikimedians)

Greetings. As you might have seen on the Wikimedia tech blog or the tech ambassadors list, a new functionality called "Lua" is being enabled on all Wikimedia sites today. Lua is a scripting language that enables you to write faster and more powerful MediaWiki templates.

If you have questions about how to convert existing templates to Lua (or how to create new ones), we'll be holding two support sessions on IRC next week: one on Wednesday (for Oceania, Asia & America) and one on Friday (for Europe, Africa & America); see m:IRC office hours for the details. If you can't make it, you can also get help at mw:Talk:Lua scripting.

If you'd like to learn about this kind of events earlier in advance, consider becoming a Tech ambassador by subscribing to the mailing list. You will also be able to help your fellow Wikimedians have a voice in technical discussions and be notified of important decisions.

Guillaume Paumier, via the Global message delivery system. 13 mrt 2013, 19.36 (UTC) (wrong page? You can fix it.)

Proposal of a pronunciation recording tool[bewurkje seksje]

Hello, Rahul21, a developer, offers to develop a pronunciation recording tool for Wiktionary, helped by Michael Dale as part of GSoC. The tool would allow to record and add audio pronunciations to Wiktionary entries while browsing them (see background discussion on Wiktionary-l). Please read and comment the proposal! Regards, Nemo 9 apr 2013, 22.38 (UTC)

Request for comment on inactive administrators[bewurkje seksje]

(Please consider translating this message for the benefit of your fellow Wikimedians. Please also consider translating the proposal.)

Read this message in English / Lleer esti mensaxe n'asturianu / বাংলায় এই বার্তাটি পড়ুন / Llegiu aquest missatge en català / Læs denne besked på dansk / Lies diese Nachricht auf Deutsch / Leś cal mesag' chè in Emiliàn / Leer este mensaje en español / Lue tämä viesti suomeksi / Lire ce message en français / Ler esta mensaxe en galego / हिन्दी / Pročitajte ovu poruku na hrvatskom / Baca pesan ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia / Leggi questo messaggio in italiano / ಈ ಸಂದೇಶವನ್ನು ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಓದಿ / Aqra dan il-messaġġ bil-Malti / norsk (bokmål) / Lees dit bericht in het Nederlands / Przeczytaj tę wiadomość po polsku / Citiți acest mesaj în română / Прочитать это сообщение на русском / Farriintaan ku aqri Af-Soomaali / Pročitaj ovu poruku na srpskom (Прочитај ову поруку на српском) / อ่านข้อความนี้ในภาษาไทย / Прочитати це повідомлення українською мовою / Đọc thông báo bằng tiếng Việt / 使用中文阅读本信息。


There is a new request for comment on Meta-Wiki concerning the removal of administrative rights from long-term inactive Wikimedians. Generally, this proposal from stewards would apply to wikis without an administrators' review process.

We are also compiling a list of projects with procedures for removing inactive administrators on the talk page of the request for comment. Feel free to add your project(s) to the list if you have a policy on administrator inactivity.

All input is appreciated. The discussion may close as soon as 21 May 2013 (2013-05-21), but this will be extended if needed.

Thanks, Billinghurst (thanks to all the translators!) 24 apr 2013, 04.40 (UTC)

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[en] Change to wiki account system and account renaming[bewurkje seksje]

Some accounts will soon be renamed due to a technical change that the developer team at Wikimedia are making. More details on Meta.

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[en] Change to section edit links[bewurkje seksje]

The default position of the "edit" link in page section headers is going to change soon. The "edit" link will be positioned adjacent to the page header text rather than floating opposite it.

Section edit links will be to the immediate right of section titles, instead of on the far right. If you're an editor of one of the wikis which already implemented this change, nothing will substantially change for you; however, scripts and gadgets depending on the previous implementation of section edit links will have to be adjusted to continue working; however, nothing else should break even if they are not updated in time.

Detailed information and a timeline is available on meta.

Ideas to do this all the way to 2009 at least. It is often difficult to track which of several potential section edit links on the far right is associated with the correct section, and many readers and anonymous or new editors may even be failing to notice section edit links at all, since they read section titles, which are far away from the links.

(Distributed via global message delivery 30 apr 2013, 18.27 (UTC). Wrong page? Correct it here.)

Tech newsletter: Subscribe to receive the next editions[bewurkje seksje]

Tech news prepared by tech ambassadors and posted by Global message deliveryContributeTranslateGet helpGive feedbackUnsubscribe • 20 maaie 2013, 20.35 (UTC)
Important note: This is the first edition of the Tech News weekly summaries, which help you monitor recent software changes likely to impact you and your fellow Wikimedians.

If you want to continue to receive the next issues every week, please subscribe to the newsletter. You can subscribe your personal talk page and a community page like this one. The newsletter can be translated into your language.

You can also become a tech ambassador, help us write the next newsletter and tell us what to improve. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. guillom 20 maaie 2013, 20.35 (UTC)

Trademark discussion[bewurkje seksje]

Hi, apologies for posting this in English, but I wanted to alert your community to a discussion on Meta about potential changes to the Wikimedia Trademark Policy. Please translate this statement if you can. We hope that you will all participate in the discussion; we also welcome translations of the legal team’s statement into as many languages as possible and encourage you to voice your thoughts there. Please see the Trademark practices discussion (on Meta-Wiki) for more information. Thank you! --Mdennis (WMF) (talk)

X!'s Edit Counter[bewurkje seksje]

Universal Language Selector will be enabled on 2013-07-09[bewurkje seksje]

Pywikipedia is migrating to git[bewurkje seksje]

Hello, Sorry for English but It's very important for bot operators so I hope someone translates this. Pywikipedia is migrating to Git so after July 26, SVN checkouts won't be updated If you're using Pywikipedia you have to switch to git, otherwise you will use out-dated framework and your bot might not work properly. There is a manual for doing that and a blog post explaining about this change in non-technical language. If you have question feel free to ask in mw:Manual talk:Pywikipediabot/Gerrit, mailing list, or in the IRC channel. Best Amir (via Global message delivery). 23 jul 2013, 13.13 (UTC)

HTTPS for users with an account[bewurkje seksje]

Greetings. Starting on August 21 (tomorrow), all users with an account will be using HTTPS to access Wikimedia sites. HTTPS brings better security and improves your privacy. More information is available at m:HTTPS.

If HTTPS causes problems for you, tell us on bugzilla, on IRC (in the #wikimedia-operations channel) or on meta. If you can't use the other methods, you can also send an e-mail to https@wikimedia.org.

Greg Grossmeier (via the Global message delivery system). 20 aug 2013, 19.05 (UTC) (wrong page? You can fix it.)

[bewurkje seksje]

Notifications[bewurkje seksje]

Notifications inform you of new activity that affects you -- and let you take quick action.

(This message is in English, please translate as needed)


Notifications will inform users about new activity that affects them on this wiki in a unified way: for example, this new tool will let you know when you have new talk page messages, edit reverts, mentions or links -- and is designed to augment (rather than replace) the watchlist. The Wikimedia Foundation's editor engagement team developed this tool (code-named 'Echo') earlier this year, to help users contribute more productively to MediaWiki projects.

We're now getting ready to bring Notifications to almost all other Wikimedia sites, and are aiming for a 22 October deployment, as outlined in this release plan. It is important that notifications is translated for all of the languages we serve.

There are three major points of translation needed to be either done or checked:

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about this new tool. For more information, visit this project hub and this help page. Keegan (WMF) (talk) 4 okt 2013, 18.34 (UTC)

(via the Global message delivery system) (wrong page? You can fix it.)

Speak up about the trademark registration of the Community logo.[bewurkje seksje]

Introducting Beta Features[bewurkje seksje]

(Apologies for writing in English. Please translate if necessary)

We would like to let you know about Beta Features, a new program from the Wikimedia Foundation that lets you try out new features before they are released for everyone.

Think of it as a digital laboratory where community members can preview upcoming software and give feedback to help improve them. This special preference page lets designers and engineers experiment with new features on a broad scale, but in a way that's not disruptive.

Beta Features is now ready for testing on MediaWiki.org. It will also be released on Wikimedia Commons and MetaWiki this Thursday, 7 November. Based on test results, the plan is to release it on all wikis worldwide on 21 November, 2013.

Here are the first features you can test this week:

Would you like to try out Beta Features now? After you log in on MediaWiki.org, a small 'Beta' link will appear next to your 'Preferences'. Click on it to see features you can test, check the ones you want, then click 'Save'. Learn more on the Beta Features page.

After you've tested Beta Features, please let the developers know what you think on this discussion page -- or report any bugs here on Bugzilla. You're also welcome to join this IRC office hours chat on Friday, 8 November at 18:30 UTC.

Beta Features was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation's Design, Multimedia and VisualEditor teams. Along with other developers, they will be adding new features to this experimental program every few weeks. They are very grateful to all the community members who helped create this project — and look forward to many more productive collaborations in the future.

Enjoy, and don't forget to let developers know what you think! Keegan (WMF) (talk) 5 nov 2013, 19.55 (UTC)

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Call for comments on draft trademark policy[bewurkje seksje]

Pronunciation Recording[bewurkje seksje]

Visual workflow draft for pronunciation recording gadget; If you have trouble watching this video here, watch it on vimeo. A more extensive/explanative version is available.

Dear Wiktionary community!

About me
My name is Rainer Rillke, and I have been volunteering at Wikimedia Commons for 3 years now, gathering experience around media files. I've been always interested in how things work and how one could improve them.
The idea
One idea that appeared last Summer was allowing the recording of small chunks of speech, uploading that to Wikimedia Commons in the background and including this into a Wiktionary entry without having the hassle doing everything by hand or installing additional software. That idea led to the foundation of MediaWiki extension PronunciationRecording during the Google Summer of Code. However, this was not completed; instead development is stale for over 5 months now.
My proposal
To make this going to work, so Wiktionary has an immediate benefit of this feature, I would like to provide the work done so far as a gadget and add some more work in regard to usability. You can see my plan at m:Grants:IEG/Finish Pronunciation Recording. And more importantly, you can give me a hand, if you are interested by writing your comments.

Thanks and kind regards --Rillke (talk) 7 apr 2014, 17.25 (UTC)

This message was delivered based on commons:User:Rillke/gmd/prg. Translation fetched from: commons:User:Rillke/prg/en -- Rillke(q?) 17:42, 26 January 2013 (UTC)

How can we improve Wikimedia grants to support you better?[bewurkje seksje]

My apologies for posting this message in English. Please help translate it if you can.


The Wikimedia Foundation would like your feedback about how we can reimagine Wikimedia Foundation grants, to better support people and ideas in your Wikimedia project. Ways to participate:

Feedback is welcome in any language.

With thanks,

I JethroBT (WMF), Community Resources, Wikimedia Foundation.

(Opt-out Instructions) This message was sent by I JethroBT (WMF) through MediaWiki message delivery. 19 aug 2015, 00.07 (UTC)

Wiktionary namespace[bewurkje seksje]

I renamed pages beginning with "Wikiwurdboek:", which were in the main namespace, into correct namespace "Wiktionary:", the project namespace. (A few pages are locked. I can't rename though.) This is proper way to get used to namespaces. If you prefer the old title for the project namespace, please request to change project name at Phabricator. (The project name will affect the project namespace either.) --Octahedron80 (oerlis) 4 des 2016, 01.16 (UTC)

New way to edit wikitext[bewurkje seksje]

James Forrester (Product Manager, Editing department, Wikimedia Foundation) --14 des 2016, 19.31 (UTC)

Review of initial updates on Wikimedia movement strategy process[bewurkje seksje]

Note: Apologies for cross-posting and sending in English. Message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki.

The Wikimedia movement is beginning a movement-wide strategy discussion, a process which will run throughout 2017. For 15 years, Wikimedians have worked together to build the largest free knowledge resource in human history. During this time, we've grown from a small group of editors to a diverse network of editors, developers, affiliates, readers, donors, and partners. Today, we are more than a group of websites. We are a movement rooted in values and a powerful vision: all knowledge for all people. As a movement, we have an opportunity to decide where we go from here.

This movement strategy discussion will focus on the future of our movement: where we want to go together, and what we want to achieve. We hope to design an inclusive process that makes space for everyone: editors, community leaders, affiliates, developers, readers, donors, technology platforms, institutional partners, and people we have yet to reach. There will be multiple ways to participate including on-wiki, in private spaces, and in-person meetings. You are warmly invited to join and make your voice heard.

The immediate goal is to have a strategic direction by Wikimania 2017 to help frame a discussion on how we work together toward that strategic direction.

Regular updates are being sent to the Wikimedia-l mailing list, and posted on Meta-Wiki. Beginning with this message, monthly reviews of these updates will be sent to this page as well. Sign up to receive future announcements and monthly highlights of strategy updates on your user talk page.

Here is a review of the updates that have been sent so far:

More information about the movement strategy is available on the Meta-Wiki 2017 Wikimedia movement strategy portal.

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