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Welcome at the Frisian Wikiwordbook. I see you don't speak Frisian yourself. Do you have a different interest or other reason for becoming a participant here? This is as yet a simple project - everything you would like to talk about can be posted at the Wikiwurdboek:Buorren. Most community pages will be in Frisian, but feel free to ask about anything; that will also help expanding the information presented there. And, of course, we do have Category:Wurden yn it Ingelsk. Feel free to comment or correct. Aliter 19 okt 2008, 01.29 (UTC)

Hi - I got here through a link someplace, and thanks to unified login my account was created automatically. I just put the Babel template and meta-userpage link there in case I do wind up editing something. Thanks for the welcome, though! - Jredmond 20 okt 2008, 18.13 (UTC)