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The easy part (the code) is done. Now the hard part begins. To do:

  • Translate usage notes to Frysk and propagate here.

Hello Snakesteuben.[bewurkje]

I have seen that you are doing good things fore the Frisian Wiktionary en fore the Frisian Wikypedy. I hope you stay around. The Frisian Wiktionary has no administrator. So nobody can delete pages. Maybe you like to be a administrator. It looks like you now what you are doing.

The translations A pool/pot of money contributed by more than one person, as for betting games (syn. pot), or shared expenses. In pot mei jild wat troch meardere minsken by elkoar lein is foar in weddenskip.

Also less common, for petty cash (cash on hand in office/place of work, for purchasing small supplies, like pencils, coffee, etc.) Lyts jild om lytse oankeapen te dwaan.

Greeting from Fryslân. Sonne 30 mrt 2008, 09.22 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Thanks fore the quick reply. I have seen that you are doing good things and you are learning very fast. Maybe it will be even faster if you are a administrator. I don’t know who you must ask to be one, but maybe you now. I hope you can make a nice front side. (the first page that comes if you click on de wiktionary) and maybe you could make a couple of templates that brightens the things up over here.

If you have any questions about translations please come to me. I will help you.

Gean troch mei it goeie wurk (keep up the good work) Groetnis fan út Fryslân. Sonne 30 mrt 2008, 12.23 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Strong verbs[bewurkje]

I was interested by your verb conjugations. At nl: I have trying to categorize the strong verbs in their ancient 7 classes see nl:Categorie:Nederlands sterk werkwoord and for Dutch that works pretty well. For English less so as things have gotten pretty corrupt. How is that for Frisian?


The category seems to have moved. New location: nl:Categorie:Sterk werkwoord in het Nederlands (Me, to self)

Grammar Check[bewurkje]

I didn't find any mistakes. It is not fery bussy at the Frisian Wiktionary but i do my best whenever i can. The reason that you are interessted in Frisian makes me very glad. But you must now the frisian language is fare frome being extinct. (i make allot of mistakes, sorry). There are more than 350.000 people speaking frisian. But there arent a lot of people how write Frisian but the numbers will hopefully grow. There is more interest in education. Ther are mulitlanguage skoals in Fryslân . Those children get Frisan, dutch and English at school. It is very good that you are trying to help. Are you already a administrator? Groet ut Fryslân Sonne 9 apr 2008, 19.17 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


Shit i didn't knew that. It has to been changed back. Good thing you told me. Ik winskje dy noch in moaie dei. Sonne 15 apr 2008, 15.48 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Hello Snakesteuben.[bewurkje]

I have noticed that you are doing great things around here. How can I help you to be a administrator. I don’t know allot of mediawiky en other things of wikepedia. I only work on the Frisian wiktionary and on the Frisian wikepedy. So you must explain to me what I must do to make you an administrator. I also don’t know allot of the templates you make. It looks great but difficult. I wish you all the best. En in moaie dei. Groet Sonne.


Hello Snakesteuben.

I've left you a message here. Regards, DerHexer 21 apr 2008, 22.35 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


I don't know why that is. But that page is not looking good. Do you have a reaction from anyone who wants to be a administrator. If not maybe i must be one. But i cant promise you that i am always around. Sonne 29 apr 2008, 08.13 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

I'd be willing to ask for temporary (3-month) admin status for the two of us, together. Would you like that? Answer: I would like that very much. Another thing I'd like to do at your convenience--work together on creating a standard format for entries. Put up a help document with examples, etc. What do you think of that? Answer: That would be great. We must make things as easy possible fore newcomers. I think der are people how want to participate but the think its to difficult. Sonne 29 apr 2008, 08.25 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]



I posted my message on the general discussion page, its about me applying for the moderator status. I hope you can help me out. Thank you a lot in advance, you have done really great work for the Frisian wikipedia's which is very much appreciated. Kind regards Kening Aldgilles 30 apr 08 - 01:16 (CET)


What do you think? Treat Noardfrysk and Sealterfrysk like the other languages, or no? I have thought about it and I thin we must treat them differently. Maybe my argument are lame but I will try to persuade you. De Frisian people don’t know allot about there language. The most people have no idea that there are communities outside Fryslân who we can understand. If the north Frisian and the sealterfrisians talk slowly we west Frisians can understand them en they understand us. That’s a fact allot of people don’t know. Theirs is another thing. I don’t think there will ever be a North Frisian or a sealterfrisian wiktionary. And the two languages are in more danger to be extinct than the Frisian language. We must help to preserver them and give them a special place. We as there closest family must help them out. You’ve got a point; at this moment it is messy. But if we find one form it will be better. Maybe we could ask Kening Aldgillas also fore an opinion. By the way I hope he will be a moderator too. I hope you understand a bit what I am saying. I don’t know if my English is understandable.

My big compliment on the new things you have made. Greetings Sonne 30 apr 2008, 04.04 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


Hee Snakesteuben. About the north Frisian words and the sealterfrisian words. We could make a compromise. You change the status fore all the sealterfrisian/ north Frisian words so the aren’t equal to the west Frisian words anymore with you’re bot. Maybe you could give them the same status as ==synonym== ore something like that. Youre sending me by mail the sealterfrisian – german list of wurds. I translate as much as I can. And only word which I know fore certain. I send my list back to you and you put all the words in with you’re bot. Isn’t that a great idea. The wiktionary will grow and grow and we give enough attention to the sealterfrisian language. You know how to send me a mail? Go to my name and stand on Skriuw dizze brûker and you can mail. I wish you a great day. In moaie dei en in soad wille hjoed. Groet Sonne 1 mai 2008, 07.50 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

List of german words[bewurkje]

Hello Snakesteuben. I have a list of word for you. They are German word translated in to Frisian. How do you want to get the list of words. Can you do anything with Meidogger:Sonne/this list. Or do I need to send it by mail. Greetings Sonne 1 mai 2008, 13.05 (UTC) I changed Meidogger:Sonne/this list.[beäntwurdzje]

Second list[bewurkje]

Hello Snakesteuben. This is a new list. This list is much better than the other list. The other list I messed up. I was not precise enough. I hope you will put in the word who are good and the rest can go to the bin. This new list is a list of countries from Saterfrisian in to West Frisian. They al are names. I put the list under the old list. I wish you all the goods fore today. Sonne 4 mai 2008, 08.23 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

I have seen that you are changing Frisian words on the English page. That’s indeed a big job. But don’t forget the real page. De heuuu Sonne

All looks great but there were a couple off words there wasn’t a hyperlink in the word. There is no bug so you can put you’re words in. Should I make another list or should I wait. Greetings Sonne 6 mai 2008, 09.06 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


Hello Snakesteuben.

I have a question fore you. Our wiktionary is nice but the lay out is not very special. So I went to spy the other wiktionary’s and I have found something quite nice. The Lithuanians have flags with every word. Look at this . It makes the wiktonary a bit more cheerful. Could you do that with you’re bot. I hope so. We have about 4550 pages at this moment. Quite an achievement. A month ago we had about 2800. I am working on a new list. But this takes times. And you were right about the bugs. There weren’t any, I misunderstood a thing. Everything looks great. Gean sa troch. Groet Sonne 6 mai 2008, 15.23 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

First we are going tot the 10.000 pages and after that we are going to pimp the place up. In the meantime you have learned much more what you can do with you’re bot. I have got a new list, it is not a very large one but it is a list. It’s a hell of allot work to make a list. But you already know that. This list will grow . Meidogger:Sonne/this list3. And yes i like funny pictures. In soad súkses mei de list. En dyn Frysk wurd steats better. Goed hear. Sonne 7 mai 2008, 08.30 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

I made a new list. The first part is Frânsk - Frysk and the second part is Latynsk- Frysk. Meidogger:Sonne/this list3 Ik haw in nije list makke. It earste part is Frânsk - Frysk en it twadde part is Latynsk - Frysk. Ik winskje dy in goeie dei. Groet Sonne 12 mai 2008, 09.26 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Animals and plants[bewurkje]

Hello Snakesteuben. I have seen a little problem. All the names of animals and plants are capitalized in Dutch and Frisian. Can youre bot do that. Or must it be done by hand. In moaie dei en in soad sukses. Hoe giet eins it Frysk skriuwe en it Frysk lêze mei dy. Kinst it al wat. Groet Sonne 8 mai 2008, 07.05 (UTC) I am confused. The Dutch wiktionary is not capitalizing animals and insects. But the Dutch, Frisian and Engelish Wikipedia are capitalizing every animal. What is good and what is bad, that’s the question.[beäntwurdzje]

In my opinion both are incorrect. "The cat of my Aunt Wieske" requires no capital, as this is the description of a subject. However, "the Cat is usual domestic" does, as here it's the name of the species.. Yes, but ... . Exactly, that's why the wikipedia's don't treat them consistently. I don't overly mind having liuw, liuwen and Liuw, as in most cases it'll add clarity. Others might, though. Aliter 9 mai 2008, 16.49 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Aliter: The paradigm makes perfect sense.

I agree with your point about clarity; for common animals, the lower-case entry is more common in everyday usage, because people tend to write more often about a particular animal than a ... meta-animal if you will. :-) Here's an example of the contrast as I understand it. (Please correct me if I'm wrong here!)
No capital in Frysk: "A snake once bit my sister." (A particular snake is intended.) "My partner says I'm attacking wiktionary like somebody killing snakes." (While analogies and whatnot talk about snakes in general, this is a collective noun rather than a description of "the snake".)
Versus, capitals in Frysk where red: "The snake is a member of the order reptile."
And you could convey this next thought either as: "New research suggests that humans' fear of the snake may be in part genetic," or, with no capital, "New research suggests that genetics may in part explain why humans are afraid of snakes." And similarly, I could recast your example as "Today, most cats are domesticated," right? And to get fancier, "Today, most cats are domesticated, as the cat's descriptor, Felix domesticus, indicates. In Australia, stray domestic cats are a big problem for the ecosystem. Such cats, when encountered in the wild, are termed "feral cats.'" (Note that English capitalises the taxonomic description. If I haven't totally missed the boat, then I'll know, pretty much, that if I could freely substitute Linneas' term for the common word in the sentence, then it should be capitalised!)
My proposal: How about if we (the bot) create(s) new, corresponding capitalised entries, offering:
  • that explanation (written by a native speaker please ;-) can be boilerplate), then
  • either:
  1. an appropriate example (also written by a native speaker, though many can be boilerplate with {{PAGENAME}}
  2. or a link to a fuller discussion with several examples (which I could draft and submit for surgery, or, rather, triage ;-)).
  • the entry would then link to the lower-case entry as Sjoch ek.


Take a look at this article in wikipedia w:Keningsearn. The title is capitalised, and the word "Keningsearn" is capitalised throughout, because they're discussing the characteristics of the species. But note this sentence where it talks about other animals collectively:
It iten fan de earn bestiit benammen út marmotten, hazzen en mûzen
(Just to keep the story complete here, a brief recap of something I said in more detail here. We can't take our lead from the headers of wikipedia articles, especially the first word. Like a paper encyclopaedia, wikipedia capitalises the name of every article--like a book capitalises the names of chapters. But if you look in a paper dictionary, the entries aren't capitalised, unless the word is actually capitalised, because that's the whole point of a dictionary--spelling and word usage.)

Winter 10 mai 2008, 04.15 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

I've moved this one to Wikiwurdboek:Buorren#Bisten_en_planten, as this is an issue that will have wiki-wide consequences, whatever the outcome, so we might want to have it all in one place for reference.

Seksje bewurkje[bewurkje]

Jo stelden út om seksje bewurkjen yn te skeakeljen. It is net sa dat ik dat útskeakele haw, tocht ik, mar ik haw it útlitten doe't ik de berjochten oanpaste om't de opmaak earne ferkeard gong at it oan stie. Fiel jo frij ...
You proposed to switch on section editing. I don't think I was the one who switched it of, but rather I left it off as I modified the templates because the layout went wrong somewhere if it was on. Feel free ... Aliter 9 mai 2008, 16.49 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

I don't see person as particularly long; it would seem to be one of our shorter pages. On the other hand, since Sonne doesn't seem to use the header templates, medisyntsje should give you an impression of what the headers would look like if they did have editing, and that's even without picture.
Ik sjoch person net as lang; it liket ien fan ús koartere siden te wêzen. Oan de oare kant, om't Sonne de kopberjochten net liket te brûken, soe medisyntsje in yndruk jaan moat fan hoe't de koppen lykje soenen at hja al bewurkjen hienen, and dat is sels noch sûnder printsje derby. Aliter 9 mai 2008, 18.12 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Yes, I did notice you had already started adding section editing. I don't have all that much of a problem with it, though it looks somewhat cluttered to me. Do take note that most of the arguments of your guru on this topic that you pointed to are not universally true.
Ja, ik hie al sjoen dat jo al dwaande wienen mei it tafoegjen fan it sekjse bewurkjen. Ik haw der net sa'n probleem mei, al fyn ik it wat rommelich. Tink der oars al om dat in protte arguminten fan jo guru hjiroer dêr't jo nei ferwize net universeel wier binne. Aliter 13 mai 2008, 23.19 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

I'm hoping at some point we're going to have more depth and content in each entry, rather than just one-line definitions. Then it will look less cluttered, and be more valuable, too--meaning both the project itself, and the ability to edit sections.
Ik hoop dat wy gau wer mear betsjuttings foar elke wurd hawwe. Dan wurdt de aspekt net sa rommelich. En dan wurdt in echte gebrûklike projekt beskikber oan ûndersikers. Ek, mei langere artikels wurdt it seksje-bewurkjen gebrûklik. Winter (Userpage:Snakesteuben 14 mai 2008, 09.17 (UTC))[beäntwurdzje]

They have seen our wurk[bewurkje] Sonne 13 mai 2008, 10.59 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


You do know that a bureaucrat can change your username to Winter if you prefer, don't you? Aliter 13 mai 2008, 23.19 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


Hello snakesteuben. You have a point about the taxoboks. It like the French one better than the one we are using right now. Have you seen the list over here. Meidogger:Sonne/this list3 I hope you can put the words in. Can you find more Americans who will put so much in to the Frisian Wiktionary like you. It is much appreciated. You have seen that the Frisian movement is watching us. It is nice that they wrote about this. Greeting from Fryslân. It moaiste lân fan’t ierde. Sonne 14 mai 2008, 20.17 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


As I recall and see it: Pyt Kramer is Frysk, not Fraisk. There simply aren't enough speakers to constantly have linguists among them. Pyt is working on a dictionary himself, and might not like the idea of his effort being duplicated or "borrowed". But more than that, a dictionary is more formal; it may be a way to describe a language, but not to keep it alive. An encyclopeadia uses language much more freely, makes people use the language and adds to it by requiring new words for new things. For a really small language community, a Wikipedia makes more sense. Also, the Fraisk Wikipedia took years to be accepted, under three or four sets of rules, and I doubt people would want to risk another such ordeal. And, while it's some time ago that I checked the rules, under the last set I saw even fy doesn't meet the criteria for new projects. I pushed the number of pages, to make sure we wouldn't get deleted automatically, but five regular human contributors? The reason for the special position of Friisk was that someone claiming to be a native speaker of English was fond of that. Having it as a seperate entry was a compromise to keep it out of the descriptions. Logic dictated that Fraisk would get the same treatment. Of course, where the words are the same, the page also should have a separate entry for the other language(s), like for less-related translations. This first tranche does have a certain charm, but it does mess up automatic processing sometimes. Then again, some other wiktionaries have a separate block for a smaller group of languages as well.

Sa't ik it sjoch en tink te witten: Pyt Kramer is Frysk, net Fraisk. Der binne gewoanwei net genôch sprekkers om der hieltiid in taalkundige tusken te hawwen. Pyt wurket sels oan in wurdboek, dat hy sil net graach haw dat syn wurk dûbeld dien wurdt, of "liend" wurdt. Mar fral is in wurdboek formeler; it mei dan in manier wêze om in taal te beskriuwen, it is net in manier om de taal libben te hälden. In ensyklopedy brûkt de taal folle frijer, lit minsken de taal brûke, en foeget der nijs oan ta, om't der ferlet is fan nije wurden foar nije saken. Foar in tige lytse taalmienskip past in wikipedy better. Fierders hat it jierren duorre eart de Fraiske wikipedy acceptearre waard, ûnder trije as fjouwer systemen, en it liket my net dat de minken it risiko fan nochris soks rinne wolle sille. En, it is in aardich skoftke werom dat itk de regels foar it lêst sjoen haw, moar neffens de lêste regels dy't ik kin foldocht sels fy net oan de kriteriums foar nije projekten. Ik haw it tal siden doe omheech brocht, dat wy der wis fan wêze koenen dat wy net samar fuortsmiten wurde soenen, mar fiif minsken dy't regelmjittich meidogge? De grûn foar de bysûndere posysje fan it Friisk wie om ien dy't sei dat Ingelsk syn memmetaal wie. In aparte yngong wie om it út de beskriuwings wei te hâlden. En dan moast dat foar Fraisk fansels ek sa. Fansels, dêr't de wurden itselde binnen moat de side ek noch in yngong foar dy oare taal/talen hawwe, krekt as mei fierder-besibbe talen. Dy earste skiif hat al syn sjarme, mar it is alris in hinder foar automatyske bewurking. Mar it is ek sa dat guon oare wikiwurdboeken ek in blok apart hawwe foar in lytsere groep fan talen. Aliter 14 mai 2008, 21.50 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Having these languages separate is charming, but I'm not sure about it. While your solution has advantages, it also adds another header to the display of this exception. Would it be feasible to have them as the first two entries of a translation block (exact lay-out yet to be determined)?
I'm going to make the example a bit more complex as it's inconsistent at the moment.

Dizze talen apart hat al sjarme, mar ik bin der net wis fan. Winter syn oplossing hat al foardielen, mar it foeget ek noch in kopke ta oan de romte foar dizze útsûndering. Wie it dwaanlik om dit de earste twa yngongen fan it oersettingsblok te meitsjen (persize opmaak noch fêst te stellen)?
Ik meitsje it foarbyld wat yngewikkelder om't it op it stuit net strykt. Aliter 15 mai 2008, 19.12 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


Hello winter. I was never mad ad you. In Fryslan we appreciate it when people are honest. I know the list of French words sucks. But I want to have a soon as possible more than 10.000 words in. And yes I know there has to be a certain quality. And yes I thank you fore pointing that out to me. I am know working on a new list. A list who will be better. By the way I think the latin words are good. If I am not around as much as I did, that’s because the holiday is over so I haven’t got so much time any more. But every day I will be around, I hope you to. Have you thought about a new lay out fore the pages. I mean the proposal with the flags? The translations fore miepen and Bitch is difficult. The young people in Fryslân like me are using the word bitch in English and I don’t know what miepen is. I have got some other words fore you like: smoarch wiif (dirty women), slet (slut), hoer (how). Do you need any more words. With kind regards Sonne 17 mai 2008, 17.08 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


Hello snakesteuben I made a new list. This time all the words are names off villages and city’s in Fryslân. The names are Dutch in to Frisian. I hope you can bot it in. Meidogger:Sonne/this list Greetings Sonne 18 mai 2008, 19.44 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Remember to add in a [[Category:Fryske Plaknammen yn it Nederlânsk]] or some such; much harder if we have to it do after the list has been cleared.
Tink der al om, in [[Category:Fryske Plaknammen yn it Nederlânsk]] of soks ta te foegjen; net sa maklik as wy it dwaan moatte nedat de list al wiske is. Aliter 19 mai 2008, 18.17 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]
Good point, Aliter. Thanks! I ran it before adding any special categories. But I always save job files for reasons like this (a secondary motive: CYA ;-) ). So we can do it later. Is that the category we want to add? I agree, now that our project has grown so much (happy dance!) we should start categorising things more specifically. Eventually, I planned to discuss this at the Buorren page.
Ja, Aliter. Goed. Wy hawwe gelok; de job-triemen wurd altyd op myn kompjûter opslein. Sa wy kinne kategoryen achteroan skriuwe. Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 20 mai 2008, 12.47 (UTC))[beäntwurdzje]

... such a lovely Word[bewurkje]

The reference to the "merry-go-round" was actually about trying to get anything done for the Wikiwurdboek on meta/bugzilla. I can hang around here, and answer and add some things, and I'll just pace it if I feel it would take up too much time. But having no control over progression through a series of arbitrary obstructions to get something done, that's the kind of thing that takes away my joy in contributing to the wiki itself.

Honest? I would indeed be too polite to do more than just hint, but you're within tolerance. You are right, however, in feeling it might become a concern if you got too enthusiastic. Aliter 19 mai 2008, 18.17 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Gotcha. As you can see, I'm reasonably comfortable taking over the meta duties. About bugzilla, I've signed up for an account, but I didn't immediately see any way to post without broadcasting an email address, so I didn't. Is there a way to do it? (If you don't remember how off the top of your head, don't research it. Just telling me it exists is enough. Then I'll know looking for it isn't futile.)
Yes, merry-go-round's a good word. Anyway, if I miss hints you do have an open invitation to complain openly if you think I'm being a pain in the "hynder." (I love some false cognates.) (Username:Snakesteuben 20 mai 2008, 13.08 (UTC))[beäntwurdzje]

As far as I know, the only way is to use a non-existent address. Obviously, this has a drawback as well. It's a common characteristic of most bugzillas. If only we could have Wikizilla ... Aliter 20 mai 2008, 21.01 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Good job[bewurkje]

seksje bei Aliter, 20 mai, header added, second section created above Sonne's message, originally appearing in section above - Snakesteuben 23 mai 2008, 12.41 (UTC)
I think you are doing a great job. You are creating new pages and you are rethinking the whole wiktionary. New things can be scary fore people who are longer around. But that is only because it is new. Please continue to shake things up at here. The wiktionary needs enthusiastic people like you, but you know that already. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Sonne 20 mai 2008, 04.48 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Thanks. smile.gif Vote noted and appreciated. Winter (Username:Snakesteuben 20 mai 2008, 13.08 (UTC))[beäntwurdzje]
Oh, definitely. Not that I'm happy with all new developments, but I'd be much less happy if there weren't any at all. <smiles> Aliter 20 mai 2008, 21.01 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Bots in Frysk[bewurkje]

Any news on the bots and Frysk? Are the messages ok now? And what about the interwiki sorting? Cheers, Malafaya 21 mai 2008, 22.16 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Nope, I have no fans page. But thanks for the hint ;). I forgot to tell you (but you probably know that anyway) that you should update the Pywikipedia code from SVN in order to get the changes I made to Frysk. Ah, and also does other cosmetic changes other that just interwikin resorting, like inserting spaces between header marks and header text (i.e. === Header ===). Cheers, Malafaya 22 mai 2008, 12.15 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]
Cool, I now have my personal stalker Face-wink.svg... Regarding, I know it does a bunch of changes, but not sure exactly what they are: interwiki resorting and header "fixing" is some of them. I'm also not sure whether putting "cosmetic_changes = True" in the does the trick for but you're probably trying that right now. I would say it's likely.
I didn't understand why the comment sentence in the beginning of the code seems inaccurate. doesn't change any visual part of the page (unless you consider interwiki resorting a visual change Face-wink.svg). Putting spaces around headers doesn't change anything in the resulting page.
As for my appearance here, it's actually your fault: I was adding my bot request at Meta and, as I usually do, I take a look at other bot requests there. I happened to see yours about Meidogger:RobotGMwikt and followed the link to the page where "users complained". I saw you guys needed some help regarding the bot code and that I could probably be of some assistance (I'm not a developer per-se but I have write access to SVN and do some maintenance work especially on Pywikipedia localisation). Besides, I have this special "attraction" to minor languages/wikis and I love helping them make a difference. I'm not in any way related to Metasupport. And I know what you mean: I'm afraid they are usually occupied with matters of more 'global' importance, so the small local wiki is left to lower priorities. But that's how it works and that's how it has to be unfortunately. But, hey, there are more guys willing to help out there. It's just a matter of finding them... or them finding you Face-wink.svg. Malafaya 22 mai 2008, 13.50 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]
  • About the bang: I believe it has to do with that page being alphabetically the last one in this wiki. I have seen that problem other times recently. It's probably a bug that someone will eventually correct. It shouldn't affect you though. Everything page should've been processed by then.
  • About your gender: actually that was not where I saw it. I read some comment of yours somewhere here stating that "BTW this Winter character is a she" or something like that. But honestly I would have addressed you as "he" if I hadn't read it Face-smile.svg. Malafaya 23 mai 2008, 16.26 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]
P.S.: Although I usually prefer people to write on my Portuguese Wikipedia talk page, as I lately dwell more on the Volapük Wiktionary, it's quicker if you write me there.
Ah, and about interwikis on other Wiktionaries, it probably happens because the bot operator does not have an (authorized) bot account on those other wikis. I know for instance that on the English Wiktionary only Robert Ullman may run an interwiki bot. Malafaya 23 mai 2008, 16.28 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Eigenskipswurd mei haadletter[bewurkje]

Dat wie al yn oarder: It eigenskipswurd is dêr in part fan de namme. Sjoch, at jo in "giant Goldenrod" sjogge, dan is dat in gewoane Goldenrod, mar tige grut. Mar in "Giant Goldenrod" is in oare soarte. Aliter 22 mai 2008, 20.21 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Wat is dy betrouwbere boarne?
Which was that credible reference? Aliter 23 mai 2008, 17.24 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Curious. Can you look up in those dictionaries the following entries: Fleißieges Lieschen, Grüner Veltliner, Roter Milan, and Schwarze Witwe? These are the examples given in the Amtliche Rechtschreibregelung for the rule that requires a capital for an adjective starting a taxon name. If they don't have a capital there, they're not following the rules. Aliter 24 mai 2008, 18.18 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

If this is "the other thing": without redirects please, as to the best of my knowledge the versions without leading capital are not part of the language. Aliter 24 mai 2008, 22.19 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


here, for example. Aliter 24 mai 2008, 18.26 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

For me Google doesn't mangle seaches for "doglet", but they might have localised that as well. Most people seem to use doglet as endearing, rather than humoristic. A catlet is a type of fish, I think; I'll look it up some time. Feel free to search the net for the meaning of small cat in the mean time. Aliter 24 mai 2008, 22.19 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

West Frisian in translation tables[bewurkje]

Hi, what is more desirable on the en:wikt. Should I add West Frisian into the table or just Frisian? Mallerd

As you can see in this edit, I have put a (West) Frisian translation of to breathe into a translation table. I was wondering if it could stay as Frisian or should it be changed to West Frisian? And thanks ;) can I ask where you live since you're involved in Frisian? 29 mai 2008, 23.35 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


As an Administrator, you are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia and ask for an invite.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at betawiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

Thank you

Best regards, --fûgel (:> )=| 20 jul 2008, 20.11 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Javascript & Citations and wat-noch?[bewurkje]

Ik haw op Wikiwurdboek:Buorren#Javascript wat sein oer MediaWiki:Common.js en MediaWiki:Monobook.js. At jo dy begûn binne, dan kinne jo der faaks wat mear oer sizze. Aliter 8 sep 2008, 19.02 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

busy as a bee[bewurkje]

sending You some sunshine, blue sky and lavender scent

--fûgel (:> )=| 10 okt 2008, 13.35 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]


"Wy wolle graach Jo helpen mei it kontrolearjen."
  • "Wy wolle jo graach helpe by it kontrolearjen."?:
  • "Wy wolle graach jo help haw by it kontrolearjen."?

Dat ferskilt al wat.

At jimme wurdlisten opnimme wolle: Oant no ta hawwe wy dêr gjin plak foar, mar de Swadesh-list stiet yn de Wikiwurdboek:-nammeromte, dat bejin in sabearre Wurdlist:-nammeromte, as brûk ek Wikiwurdboek:. At jimme foarbylden fan in pear wurden opnimme wolle, skriuw dan de wurdboeksiden en freegje op myn oerlisside at de bûgings ynoarder binne. Dat helpt it wurdboek dan ek foarút.

If the two of you intend to add word lists: So far we don't have a location for those, but the Swadesh-list is in the Wikiwurdboek:-namespace. Either start a Wurdlist: pseudo-namespace, or use Wikiwurdboek: too. If it's giving a few examples that you want to do, then just write the dictionary entries and ask on my talk page whether the conjugations are OK. That would advance the dictionary as well. Aliter 10 okt 2008, 23.35 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]

Hello Snakesteuben.[bewurkje]

I see you are still around here and there fore I am very glad. The Frisian language is benefiting from it. You are also translating in the MediaWiki. Thumbs up fore you. If the Frisian language has stole youre hart maybe this is something fore you. I wish you a very good day. And please get wall street up and running. We in Fryslân would benefit. Greetings Sonne

Temporary access expired[bewurkje]

Hello Snakesteuben. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Thanks. Dungodung 29 okt 2008, 23.29 (UTC)[beäntwurdzje]